Model 3 RAZZO Aero Kit Carbon Fiber - Glossy or Matte ($599-$3,495)

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WE ARE NOW OFFERING MATTE FINISH. If you want this kit in matte, please put a note in Box for Matte. Please allow 3-4 Weeks for Matte Finish.



Please only order this if you live in Southern California or if you are planning to visit us with your Model 3. Installation does take 1-2 days. This item is only for sale with RPM's free installation. In the future we will be making self installing videos, and then we will start shipping some items, but because of the the large front lip, and long side skirts this will require a oversized padded box. We are working with Fedex and we hope to be able to ship this in the near future.  


LEAD TIME is only 1-2 Weeks.   Once we get your order we will contact you to schedule your installation. None of these items will be shipped at this point, we are doing the installs hear at our location in Southern California.  




Razzo Aero Front Diffuser Lip Only $                 599
                    Add 2 Side Corner Flanges $                 249
Razzo Aero Side Skirts 1 Pair $             1,499
Razzo Aero Rear Diffuser Only $                 799
                    Add 2 Side Corner Flanges $                 349
Full 8 Piece Kit - Installed $             3,495


The price listed above will be discounted once placed in your shopping cart. Remember all prices include free installation at our location in Orange County California. Please only order this kit if you live here or are planning to visit us.When your order is ready for pick up we will contact you to schedule your installation.




We are very proud release our carbon fiber molded RAZZO Aero Kit for the TESLA Model 3.

Our aggressive dry Molded Carbon Fiber AERO kit improves the curb appeal of your Model 3 while increasing high speed downforce as well as better handling at higher speeds. This kit can be ordered as a full 8 piece kit, or individual pieces. Each of the 8 pieces install directly under your front bumper, or attached to the side rocker panels, and over the stock rear diffuser. Our kit requires no cutting, no drilling, and there is no risk in damaging your Model 3's paint or underbody in any way. It can be removed at any time as well. Our kits are held on with 3M VHB double sided tape, and proprietary liquid adhesive which is only used on the black underside areas of your Model 3.  

Our Carbon Fiber RAZZO AERO KIT is made from Genuine Molded Carbon Fiber which is all woven carbon fiber with no fiberglass or any other plastic fillers. They are UV coated which insures years of beauty without yellowing of fading. We also add a coating of Ceramic Pro 9H to increase the UV resistance.


Key Features and Questions Most Asked:

  1. This 8 Piece Kit can be purchased complete or piece by piece.  
  2. We install this kit only, no picking up, and no shipping (yet).
  3. All prices listed below are discounted 20% and include installation.
  4. Finish: We are only selling this in Glossy (Wet) finish at this time, a Matte finish version will follow in October. If you want to order Matte, you can order this Glossy version here and let us know to put you first on the waitlist for Matte.
  5. Installation Time. It will take us 1-2 days to install your kit, depending on which items are ordered. Our 3M double sided tape requires 72 to fully cure, but we can send you home tension straps after 1-2 days will have to remain on the car for 72 hours.





The front Aero Lip is actually a front end diffuser and front spoiler. It cuts the wind by directing it under the model 3 via the 2 front air inlets. This combined with our rear diffuser will provide more down force. The front Aero Lip is sold as a 3 piece kit with 2 smaller side corner flanges which visually connect it to the wheel wells and the matching flanged side skirts. We also sell this item without the corner flanges. Some prefer this if they do not want to order the matching side skirts look. Once installed the front end ground clearance is 1.5" lower than your stock bumper. Caution is needed when parking close up to taller parking blocks, but the 1.5" will not affect your normal parking.



The sleek RAZZO Aero Side Skirts have dual front and rear upward facing flanges that match the corners on the front and rear diffusers. They also do not extend lower than the stock rocker panels so there is no clearance issues as the sides are not lowered.



The rear diffuser is the most striking part of the kit. The aggressive diffuser features 7 fins for dividing airflow. The rear diffuser fits right over the stock one and does not reach upward towards the trunk opening. We designed ours to fit conservatively while providing the aggressive look we wanted. This items sells with 2 optional corners flanges like the front lip. The diffuser It is very striking with and without the corners. Most customers order the corners when purchasing the matching side skirts.



Since most of our customers have one of our 3 Model 3 Spoilers so we decided to not include it in our AERO Kit at this time.

Each of our spoilers listed below are $229 in Glossy or $249 in matte. Here is a link to our comparison video and below are links to all 3. If you want to match the aggressiveness of the RAZZO Kit, we suggest the Trim line Spoiler. It is the thickest size and still very narrow as well.


RPM SPOILER Comparison video LINK:

BLADE Model 3 Spoiler       TRIMLINE Model 3 Spoiler       Performance Model 3 Spoiler



Our RAZZO Aero Kit is made with 3 coats of UV Protection. Over time without proper care from waxing or applying a nano ceramic coating this protection can be worn off. The warranty is limited for only 1 year, and slight yellowing is normal for carbon fiber when parked outside in direct sunlight. To extend the life of your spoiler, we recommend using a detail spray that enhances the UV protection. Also Ceramic coatings will assist with UV protection, and we recommend Ceramic Pro.



We have tested this RAZZO Aero kit for over 3 months with no damage or any adherence issues. If any customer has an issue with the corner flanges coming off from hitting curbs or speed bumps we will reinstall such piece and only charge for labor. We do not anticipate this occurring but many customer have their cars lowered and contact with speed bumps or curbs or driveways can happen if the suspension is not stock. We suggest going up driveways slowly and when driving over speed bumps.



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