Model 3 Molded Carbon Fiber Front Door Sill Covers ($32 with 20% off)

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5
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New for 2019 - Real Molded Carbon Fiber Front Door Sill Covers with optional Matte PPF Film

Cover up and protect your soft aluminum door sills with REAL Carbon Fiber door sill covers. These Molded carbon fiber parts are coated with thick PU polyurethane and we included impregnated silver "Model 3" letters. These are not vinyl stickers but real carbon fiber.

To increase the door sill cover's longevity we are proud to offer these wrapped in standard glossy finish or in a Matte 3M PPF (Paint Protection Film, 3M Scotchgard Pro Matte). With the new 3M Matte really produces a great matte finish. See photo examples of each. It will add years to the life of the door sill cover as it has a self healing surface, and will repair itself if you scuff it or scratch it. Just use a heat gun or hair dyer to heal the film. Check out the video above to learn more about this revolutionizing paint protection film made by 3M in the USA. Again, the added Matte PPF film increases the price by $15 as these are Made in USA and come with our LIFETIME Warranty.

We wrap TESLA front ends and full cars in this amazing film to insure paint protection for up to 10 years.   They install so easy, just peel off the backing paper and and apply slowly from one end.

Installation: Clean the surface of the chrome door sill on your Model 3 with water or alcohol. Then, peel the backing off the Molded Carbon Fiber Door Sill. Line up the corners of the Molded Carbon Fiber door sill to the corners of the chrome chrome door sill on your Model 3. The, place the Molded door sill down and rub your hand over it to make sure the glue grips firmly.

Removal: To remove the door sill, take a hair blow dryer or heat gun to the molded carbon fiber door sill. Heat it up until it lifts up easily. Then clean the chrome door sill with rubbing alcohol to remove any left over adhesive.

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