Model 3 Power Trunk Liftgate (Fits 2017-2020) - From $599

Install difficulty: Professional 5/5
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MODEL COMPATIBILITY: Works with 2017-2020 Model 3's.

NOTE*: CAN BUS wire is required for 2017, 2018, and 2019 versions for display corrections. Please make note of the year of you car or Email us so we can send you the FREE CAN BUS wire. 


We are very proud to offer the best TESLA Model 3 Power Trunk Opener on the market. This power liftgate automatically opens and closes your trunk in 5 different ways. Including from your Phone, in the car, and hands-free with a wave of your foot under the rear bumper.


All units come with the Foot Opening Sensor which is normally $50-$75 extra.

After you order we will send you an order confirmation, please simply reply to the email and let us know when you want to have it installed. Give us your date and time.



This Power Trunk Opener operates just like the power trunks found in TESLA Model S & X, but your Model 3 will actually have one additional function not found on the Model S or X, and we call it a foot control opening. This is hands-free and simply allows you to open and close your trunk without touching your car, or phone, or anything. Just wave your foot back and forth under the bumper for hands-free opening and closing. Check out our demonstration video to learn more, or keep on reading.


Power Trunk Opener works in 5 different ways.    

1. Opens and closes by touching the rubber handle on your trunk.

2. Opens and closes by using the touch screen in your car.

3. Opens and closes by using your cellphone's TESLA app.

4. Opens and closes with the installed Trunk Button on the Liftgate.

5. Opens and closes hands free with your foot under your bumper.


Key Features:

Hands-free use, Height Adjustable, opening & closing speed adjustable, Pinch Resistant, and it comes with a 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.


Pricing:              $ 599 or $749 Installed at RPM TESLA.

Let us install it for you in Southern California for only $150 extra or $749, or do it yourself and order here for only $599.  

Shipping is free in the continental US, and $15 for Canada and $25 elsewhere outside the continental US. Please be sure to watch the manufacturer's installation video before ordering. Their installation video is attached above on the TAB.

All units come with the Foot Opening Sensor which is normally $50-$75 extra.



Installation is very involved and includes removing the panel from your trunk lid, removing side door sill panels, and the qualified installer has to understand how to splice into power wires as well as mounting the controls module.   Installation takes 6 or more hours on average for the first time installer, as watching the video step by step and reading instructions is required. We can install it in less than 3 hours at our shop and we have affiliates in many major cities that can also help you get it installed.


If we install we warranty the installation and the product. You will never have to deal with Hansshow directly for any warranty issues that may come up. No need to order from China when we have them in stock.

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