Model 3 & Y Under Front License Plate Protection (Only $19 w/ 20%)

Install difficulty: Moderate 2/5

Brand New for the Model 3

This paint protection film has 2 practical uses for Tesla owners. It can provide permanent paint protection under your license plate bracket or it works in a temporary way if you only want to put the bracket on as needed.  

We all love the Model 3 front end and no one wants to use the front end license plate bracket given to us at delivery. If you don't want to permanently mount your license plate bracket on your front bumper, this is the product for you. This invisible clear rectangular piece of 3M Scotchgard Pro Paint Protection film will protect your front bumper's paint from the super strong double-sided adhesive tape found on the bracket.

Use # 1: Permanent Protection: Simply adhere your front license plate bracket to your bumper with our film in between. If you ever move to or sell the car to someone in a state where front plates are not required this film will protect the paint and clear coating.  

Use # 2: Temporary Protection: If you love your clean front end and you don't want to permanently attach your license plate and bracket this will allow you to remove the bracket and reattach it when needed without damaging your paint. From time to time, we all may have to install our front license plates. Maybe to take care of a fix it ticket, or maybe you are going to an airport or some parking location where tickets are written for cars without front license plates, this is a great solution to these situation.

You get 1 piece of clear bra protection film that will protect your paint and a yellow squeegee. You only need some rubbing alcohol to prepare the surface and to squeegee the film in place.

To understand more, click on the Installtion Tab to see our demonstation and installation video.  

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