Model 3 & Y Performance Pedals Combo Pack with Foot Rest Pedal ($39.99 with 20% Off)

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5
$49.99 $59.00
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  • Dead Pedal 2020

New Combo Pack Includes 3 Pedals - Accelerator, Brake, and FootRest Pedal


New improved with a bright polished surface or with a matte cloudy surface. Both will give your Model 3 a real performance look.  

Your choice of finish and only $39.99 for the pair when combined with our 20% Off promotion on orders over $150.  

RPM TESLA has the best polished aluminum performance pedals you can buy for your Model 3.  Please keep reading to learn more.

This combo pack includes the brushed stainless steel Dead Pedal, and it Fits all Model 3 made from 2017 to 2020. Floor Mats from 2020 are different because the plastic footrest is missing now and the floor mats cover the installation area. We have 2 ways to install it. Please watch the video for details.

Easy for anyone to install, and made from odorless rubber, and Made in the USA. These pedals are made from virgin rubber not reclaimed rubber from old tires from

Many customers have complained to us about the cheap imported ones that smell up their Tesla, and how hard they are to install. The imported ones are made from rock hard rubber and are very hard to install. We aspired to make the best pedals we could and we took our redesign efforts a step further by making the accelerator rubber base in a softer rubber compound (40 Durometer), not 70 durometer, so you can actually stretch it over the metal pedal and get it installed easily.

Our Made in USA pedals are made from SBR rubber like the OEM Tesla Performance pedals, and with our new improved bright polished aluminum they will shine and reflect like mirrors. These fit right over your metal pedals. Just pop off the rubber brake pedal and accelerator pedal just fits right on top.   Watch our installation video on the next TAB.

The Dead Pedal, Accelerator and Brake are included for sale in this item.


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