Dual Cup Holder LED Light pad for Model 3 (Only 29.99 w/ 20% off)

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Dual Cup Holder LED Light Pad for Model 3


Our Model 3's are very dark at night, and the center consoles and cup holders are darkest of all. With this new Dual LED pad your cup holders have the right amount of light to see your drinks and to even see in your cabin better. The LED lights are great and lots of fun.

Once turned on, they stay lit whenever you are driving, day or night. When you park your car they turn off because of the motion sensor, as they require motion to stay on. During the day we suggest you press and hold down the center button until they turn off, and then press it once to turn it back on at night.  There is only 1 switch and you can toggle between 7 colors and you can also turn them on and off.  

You simply charge it every 1 to 2 weeks from the included USB cord. Of course they are waterproof in case you spill on them. We also give you our standard lifetime warranty so no need to worry about limited 30 day warranties like on Amazon or Ebay.

Easy to install, no tools or wiring needed. Made of high quality Acrylic and Energy-saving LED wick, they have the right amount of brightness, not eye blinding that'll distract the driver, just enough for decorative purpose.

Watch our Video Demo to learn more, click on the next tab.  

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