Puddle Light (Ghost Lights) 1 Pair (Only $39 with 20% off)

Install difficulty: Moderate 2/5
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Puddle Lights or Ghost lights brighten up the doorway when you open your TESLA doors. Now featuring SEXY letters.

Sometimes the wires in side model 3's can be short in the doors, so we recommend purchasing this LED light extension. Also in the Model 3, the LED lights are not as bright as the Model S and X.

BE CAREFUL NOT TO CLOSE YOUR DOORS after you unplug you OEM light as the windows do extend upward and they will damage the door frames if you try to close them before connecting our LED lights.  

These bright 30 Lux LED Lights just pop right into the bottom of your doors replacing the exising dim LED light. With a screwdriver, you just pop out the OEM Tesla LED light, unplug it and and pop this ours in. It takes less than 5 minutes. See how simple these are to install on the INSTALLATION Tab.

These are very bright LED projection lights, twice a bright as the standard door light from Tesla, See photo for details. These are custom made for RPM Tesla to our specifications. Every time you open your doors at night you will be reminded of the amazing Tesla you own. These really are awesome and fun, and everyone loves them!

No wiring no cutting just plug and play with a screwdriver.

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