Model 3 & Y Carbon Fiber Molded Window & Door Switch Covers- $189

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5

Made from 100% REAL Dry Molded Carbon Fiber


There is nothing like the sporty look of real molded carbon fiber, these covers have that and they also protect your glossy door switches from getting scratched.

For the last 2 years we have been selling these in vinyl and then we came out with a molded ABS plastic version with a carbon fiber printed coating, and now we have the real deal, made from dry molded carbon fiber. Many customers have asked for this item after buying our real carbon fiber steering wheels, and accents, as well as our well received carbon fiber dashboard replacements.

This 14 piece kit covers all window and door switch covers on all 4 doors.


These are very easy to install. Takes only 15 minutes.  Simple to install, just clean the switch area and then just place down after removing the double sided backing tape.

The Carbon Fiber weave pattern will match all of the other carbon fiber items we make and the patterns run from the lower left side to the upper right side.

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