Colored Lighting LED Kit - Footwell or Trunk (Only $55 with 20% off)

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5


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This is 1 pair of colored LED lights designed to light up the footwell area or your trunk in your TESLA.

They simply plug right in and replace the stock white lights. Easy to install, just plug and play.

If you find the white lights distracting these are the solution. Our colored LED lights add a personalized look while making the footwell lights softer and less distracting. Many customer also buy these to make their trunk lights colored or to shine downward when you open the doors, or in the back seats of Model S and X or the trunk or frunk. Wherever you want Red, Blue, or Purple lighting.

Model 3, the footwell lights are part of your ambient lights, and the bright white distracting footwell lights stay on while you drive and become brighter when put in park.

Model S & X, the footwell lights are not part of your ambient lights, and only light up at night when you are in park and when you open and close your doors.


Easy to install:  No drilling, no wire splicing, no disassembling, and no risk of damaging your Car. Just pop out your 2 LED lights under your dashboard, and plug ours in.

Here is what we send you, you get 2 colored LED lights you just pop in under the dashboard after you remove the white ones.   See our installation video for details.


Attention: Model 3 Owners with Partial Premium Interiors: These lights will not work as footwell lights as your Model 3 was built with interior ambient lights, but they do not turn on unless you have the Full Premium Interior option.  

Sometimes the wire harnesses can be a bit short. We recommend purchasing this LED light extension.

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