RPM Cali-Car Duster, Fully Adjustable & Wax Baked - (Only $29 w/ 20% Off)

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5

The RPM Cali-Car Duster is perfect for your TESLA .


This is the best car duster you can buy. Shipping is free in the continental USA

The RPM Cali Car Duster is like the leading brand but we made it better!


It comes with our 30" extendable handle, and a pivoting and rotating head design giving it 180 degrees for turning while it can rotate 360 degrees for all angles on your doors, trunk and hood.


It is also made from recycled materials, and the yarn is 70% Cotton and 30% Polyester, and it is baked with wax so the yarn attracts dust without scratching your paint.


Our duster is not designed to be pressed down on your paint. The wax baked yarn only needs to be lightly dragged across the paint surface so it collects dust, and remember it works better the more you use it and the dirtier it gets.  


Please watch our Demo Video to learn more.


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