Model 3 & Y Vinyl Wood Console Wrap Gen 2 ($69 w/ 20% OFF)

Install difficulty: Moderate 2/5

MODEL COMPATIBILITY: Fits all Model 3's and all Model Y's 2017-2020

Faux Wood Vinyl Wrap for TESLA Model 3-Wet installation

If you love the open-grain wood dashboard in your model 3 this vinyl material will protect the finish of your center console while extending the dashboard color further into your car's cabin. This modern looking textured vinyl material is a close match for the Open-Grain Wood dashboard. Made with horizontal lines and a very thick textured vinyl material. No more worrying about about scratches or finger prints!

Please watch the installation video before installing. Install tip: use a heat gun/blow dryer to help apply the vinyl.

With this upgrade kit you get 3 pieces to cover the center console along with a matching USB cover, cell phone holding clip cover and a matte black 3 bar decal that you will install on the center console piece of your choice.

Caring for the vinyl wrap cover is just like a plastic surface, just use a mild cleaner to wipe it down. It resists finger prints, and we include soap solution and a squeegee for smoothing the vinyl out. Protect that glossy finish before you scratch it !!

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