Model 3 & Y Real 100% Carbon Fiber Seat Back Replacements (1 Pair) - $ 995

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5

100 % Real Dry Molded Carbon Fiber Seat Back Replacements for Model 3 & Y


If you love real carbon fiber and you do not need the use of the pockets in your seat back, these are the carbon fiber seat back replacements you have been waiting for. These are not caps, they are replacements.


These are 100% Molded Carbon Fiber. Not fiberglass covered, not ABS, but 100% Molded Carbon Fiber. Super lightweight with a perfect 2x2 twill weave pattern. These are 3 pounds lighter than your current seat backs, and if you love the look and feel of carbon fiber you will love our Real Molded Carbon Fiber Seat Backs.


Our current carbon fiber seat back caps are selling very well, but some customers wanted these replacement types so we tooled up and are not selling these. They are even easier to install and require no tools to install them. They require no tape, nothing, only about 5 minutes of your time. If you can slide a clip away from the headrest posts you can install these with ease.


Please watch our installation video before ordering.

Just click on the above TAB and watch our video.


PRICING:   $995 Per Pair in Glossy or Matte finish.


AVAILABILITY: We have 10 pairs in stock in Glossy and in Matte, once shipped out we will continue full production and we will ship ASAP. Lead time may take 2 to 3 weeks after we ship out the first 20.



These are oversized, and FedEx Shipping is $50 in the Contiguous U.S., and $79 for Canada, and only $99 for other locations worldwide).


What's included:    You get 1 pair, one for the driver's seat and passenger seats and 2 seat belt dampening pads with each order. The seat belt dampening pads are just 2 strips of foam you place over you seat belt clip in buckle. The purpose of this is so you do not hear the plastic seat belt tapping on he carbon fiber replacement seat backs. Without them you may hear the passenger belt tapping on them when you drive without a passenger. It really depends on how far away the seat is from the hanging seat belt, and how much the seats are tilted backwards. They also protect the seat backs from getting damaged when you take off your seat belts when they retract.


Please watch our demo video and to learn how easily these install,



The warranty is limited for only 1 year, and slight yellowing is normal for carbon fiber when parked in direct sunlight. To extend the life of the finish we recommend rolling up your windows and be sure to have your rear windows tinted to stop UV rays from entering your TESLA. Also, Ceramic coatings will assist with UV protection, and we recommend Ceramic Pro.  

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