Ultra-Soft Alcantara Neck & Headrests Pillows- Fits Model 3, S, X, & Y- $69 Per Pair


TESLA Headrest Neck Support Pillows 


These are RPM's 2nd Generation of Headrest Neck support pillows. They differ from our V-Style Vinyl pillows with a new soft to the touch alcantara outer skin along with softer support. The outer layer is made from super soft Alcantara Ultrasuede, and the inner pillow is a softer polyester filler.  

We explain all of this in our Demo Video on the above tab, and you can also hand wash the outer layer if it gets dirty. These also feature a leather looking vegan elastic strap for height adjustment once placed over your TESLA headrests.

These are the best on the market, and your passengers will love these super soft headrest pillows. No more fatigue while taking long road trips when your neck is properly supported with one of our Support TESLA Headrests.  Our Headrests Neck Supporting Pillows fit all TESLA Model S, X, 3, & Y's because of the adjustable straps.


Sold by the pair, only $69 per pair in White or Black.


Watch our video on the TAB above to learn more about this great product.

Warning: These headrests are so comfortable they are recommended for passengers only. Driving with one will support your head and neck, but attention must be used when driving regardless of autopilot use. You must keep your hands on the wheel at all times and do not drive if you are tired or fatigued with or without these pillows.

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