Model Y Under Hood Rain Gutter Filters (1 Pair)


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Fits All Year Model Y 's ONLY


Our new Model Y Under Hood Rain Gutter Filters will stop leaves and debris from clogging up your under-hood water drains. These filters will stop leaves from falling into the basin catch area where the fender drain is located. In our demo video, we explain how these simple filters will help prevents water damage under your hood. If your fender drains get clogged up, water will overflow and then you run the risk of water damage to your wiring and to flooding out your 12 Volt battery tray.

You get 1 pair, one for each side, which just peels and sticks. No screws, nothing to drill, just place them down over the vent. Just peel off the double-sided tape liner and install it over the ends of the drain filter.


Check out our Demo & Installation video on the above TAB.


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