Model 3 Jack Point Adapter Pads (Gen. 2 w/ Case) Set of 4 from $34.99

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5

Molded Jack Point Adapter set for Tesla Model 3

(Set of 4 in a carrying case)


As we all know, you cannot just jack up a Tesla, and for the Model 3 there are only 4 points on the car for jacking them. Without an adapter, you risk damaging the battery tray or the frame.  If you have 2 jacks you can jack up one side and its easy to rotate your tires. With 4 jacks you can jack up the entire car. Now we include a carrying case for easy sub trunk storage.


Many people ask us why they need these jack point adapters for their Model 3. Here is a list of the 3 most common reasons:


1. For rotating your tires on your model 3.

2. Swapping out wheels for summer or winter.

3. If you get a flat tire, most tow trucks don't carry Tesla Jack Point Adapters so this is critical to have just in case.


Don't waste your hard earned money on overpriced magnetic sets or adapter sets with hex shaped tightening screws. These are molded rubber in 1 solid piece, they are not hockey pucks with screws in them like found on Ebay and Amazon, and when you press them into the whole they stay so you can slide your jack in underneath.  

Simple and not expensive.    

Our video on the above tab, show you how to use these and are featured with our caliper cover video.


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