Model Y GT Style Mirror Overlays- Real Molded Carbon Fiber (1 Pair)


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New for Model Y - 100% Real Carbon Fiber GT Sport Sideview Mirror Caps


Want to add an aggressive sporty look for your side-view mirrors? This is it! Our newest Sport Side View Mirror Caps are aggressive and amazing. Made with 100% Real Dry Molded Carbon Fiber and we offer them in 2 finishes, Glossy or Matte. These are not replacement skull tops, but just simple to install caps. They slide right over your original painted skull top, and the front rolled leading edge of the mirror is completely covered with our carbon fiber curled rolled edges. No Paint will be exposed.



Just clean your mirror skull caps, spray them down with alcohol, peel off the double sided 3M Tape and slide it right over the cap. Line up the bottom and tape in place while the alcohol evaporates. A perfect fit with all of the skull cap replaced.  



$179 in Glossy or Matte 100% Real Carbon Fiber

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UV WARRANTY:   Our mirror caps are coated with 3 coats of UV Protection. Over time without proper care from waxing or applying a nano ceramic coating this protection can be worn off.  

The warranty is limited for only 1 year, and slight yellowing is normal for carbon fiber when parked outside in direct sunlight. To extend the life of your mirror caps we recommend using a detail spray that enhances the UV protection. Also Ceramic coatings will assist with UV protection, and we recommend Ceramic Pro.  


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