Model Y Painted OEM "T" Front & Rear Emblems - From $79

Install difficulty: Moderate 2/5
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Brand New for Model Y

If you love the chrome deleted look of your Model Y but wish the Front & Rear T Emblems matched your chrome delete, this is the solution for you.

Model Y owners that do not like chrome cannot just remove their T emblems because once removed, they will leave behind 2 holes in the hood and trunk where the emblems were installed during manufacturing.

This item is a replacement pair of TESLA original T emblems that we purchased from Tesla for $80. We have painted them in a ceramic satin black or bright red and we ship them to customers for self installation.


Here is how it works:

You select your painted color of choice, satin black (to match your windows and mirror trim) or bright TESLA red. We will send your new set along with a prepaid return postage box so you can put your original chrome emblems inside to return to us. Once we get yours back we will refund the $100 core charge deposit.

Installing is very easy and we teach your how to remove your original emblems, and how to install the new ones. The video is on the above TAB. Please watch before ordering.

The only other chrome accent that will remain on your Model Y is your Dual Motor Emblems. We also offer replacements for them as well in black. There is a choice when you add this item to your shopping cart. Here is a LINK to learn more about the Dual Motor Emblems. These are normally $29 but are discounted to $25 when ordered with these T Emblems.



  • $79   Red or Black Emblems
  • $100 Refundable Core Charge Deposit
  • $25     Dual Motor Emblems with Red Performance Stripe


If you are near us in Orange County California, and you want to pick these up, you have the option to bring your T emblems to us so you don't have to pay the refundable core charge.

We also can install these for you and remove your current T emblems for $50.

Watch our Demo & Installation Video on the above tab to learn how to remove them, and how to install the new ones we will be sending you. It is not difficult at all and will only take about 15-30 minutes.



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