Model 3 4D All-Weather Floor Mats, Odorless TPE ( From $39-$299 )

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TESLA MODEL 3 "Finish Your Frunk Kit"

Do NOT buy this kit if your Model 3 was built in August 2020 or later. Your Frunk has changed on the size of the bottom and the bolt holes no longer can hold our clips. Please only order if your Model 3 was made from 2017-July 2020. You can see your build month inside the door jam of your driver's front door.


For Model 3 Only -   4D All-Weather Floor Mats


New 4D Mats for Model 3 - 4D is beyond 3D Featuring Extreme Floor Protection. Higher up to 4 inches of side wall protection for to hold melted snow, liquids, spills, sand, and anything you want to keep off your Model 3 carpet.

Odorless, and super soft for anti slipping of objects in your trunk. These are not made from rubber, and not vinyl, but made from a TPE, Thermal Plastic Elastomer. Just like TESLA's OEM mats, but 35% less with Free Shipping in the Contiguous US.

You can protect your entire Model 3 with our 6 piece kit. You get 3 for the interior, 2 front and 1 for the whole back seat, then you get one for your Frunk, and 2 for the trunk. A full size trunk mat, and the sub trunk mat. They are awesome and you will love them.  


Interior Mats: a set of 3 pieces, 2 front pieces and 1 long piece for the back seat.

Trunk Mats: we offer a piece for the sub trunk and a piece for the full trunk,

Front Trunk Mats, Frunk: we have a full piece for the front trunk or Frunk.


Ordering is simple:  

1. Select your Interior Mats or None

2. Select your Trunk Mats, None or Full size or Sub Trunk or both

3. Front Trunk Mat - Select None or Frunk


Prices below are calculated with our 20% Off $150 Minimum:

$ 119 - Interior Mats Only ( 3 Piece Kit )

$ 229 - Interior Mats & Trunk Mat ( 4 Piece Kit )

$ 269 - Interior Mats & Trunk Mat & Sub Trunk Mat ( 5 Piece Kit )

$ 299 - Interior Mats & Trunk Mat, & Sub Trunk Mat & Frunk Mat ( 6 Piece Kit )


Prices above are discounted by 20%, and will appear as such once placed in your shopping cart if the total is $150.

Other variations of the 6 possible pieces are calculated by the 3 pull down menus.



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