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Model Y Sport Caliper Covers - Yellow
Model Y Sport Caliper Covers - Yellow
Model Y Sport Caliper Covers - Yellow
Model Y Sport Caliper Covers - Yellow
Model Y Sport Caliper Covers - Yellow
Model Y Sport Caliper Covers - Yellow
Model Y Sport Caliper Covers - Yellow
Model Y Sport Caliper Covers - Yellow
Model Y Sport Caliper Covers - Yellow
Model Y Sport Caliper Covers - Yellow

Model Y Sport Caliper Covers - Yellow

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Vinyl Letters/Logo OEM Black
Installation difficulty: Moderate 2/5


Our new Yellow Performance Sport Caliper Covers are contoured like real calipers and they just slide right on, over your stock calipers. If you are tired of looking at your small grey front caliper and the undersized horseshoe shaped rear calipers, look at how nice these brighten up your wheels. See our before and after rear caliper photo.

The facade front covers include bolts, a hydraulic line, and a rubber bleeding cap. They look great and are even easier to install, just slide over and tighten one nut. Please watch our demo & installation video.  Aluminum Caliper Covers are very simple to install, not permanent, and have no warranty compromising risk.

Made specifically to fit over the Tesla Model Y stock non-performance brake calipers, these Caliper Covers will give your Model Y a racing yellow Caliper look. These fit on 19" inch and 20" OEM Tesla wheels.

Caliper Covers not only look awesome but they reduce brake dust accumulation in your wheels. These are made lightweight 6061-T6 Aerospace Aluminum that covers the caliper for a perfect fit.

These caliper covers are a great lower cost non-permanent solution to covering up the plain silver calipers on your Model Y.  If your leasing, you can leave them on when your lease is over, or just unscrew one nut and remove them.  

Optional Vinyl Letters:  Want us to customize your calipers for you? We will do it at no charge. From our pull down menu you have to choose "None - Plain Yellow" or "Black Vinyl Letters". If you choose Vinyl Letters we will install them for you, and all you have to do is tell us what you want on them.  

Before shipping your order can install any 3M vinyl letters in black on each caliper. The letters are your choice, and while most prefer the letters on the OEM Performance Calipers, many want BREMBO (The Caliper's Manufacturer's Name), or a Brembo Logo. Others want their Name or Initials, but it's your choice. All you have to do is Select "Vinyl Letters" from the pull down menu and then just click on "Add an Optional Note" in your shopping cart. If you select "None - Plain Yellow" you will get 4 plain yellow calipers with no letters, so please tell us what you want and be sure to select the Black Vinyl Letter Option unless you want plain yellow calipers.

Default Vinyl Letters:  If you select black vinyl from our pull down menu without giving us your choice of the letters or logo, we will assume you want the default OEM Style. Please don't forget to Add an Optional Note once you place this item in your shopping cart.  

Included:  You will receive 4 Caliper Covers.  You also can add a full set or rubber jack point adapters for only $35 extra.  These come in their own carrying case that zips up. Here is a link for details on the set of 4. A set of 4 are great to have if you rotate your own tires.

Installation:  Watch our DIY video, the video is for Model 3, but they install the same way.  If you can remove your wheel and torque your lug nuts to 120 inch pounds, you can do this installation yourself.

Installation time:  Average installation time is about one hour.

Tools required: Safety glasses, floor jack, impact wrench or lug wrench, torque wrench, 3/8" wrench.




Fits over All Non Performance Model Y Calipers.


Check the Description Tab above to watch our SELF installing instructional videos.

Our installation videos provide the necessary information to correctly install our products. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you watch the installation video/s both before ordering and before installing our products.