Model 3 & Y Center Console Plastic Cover - Glossy Carbon Coated- (3 Piece Gen.1) $59

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5
$73.75 $89.00
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This version only has 3 pieces, and no valet card holding area, but it comes with the optional with Free Model E Logo Decal.

These covers are not decals or stickers, but are injection molded ABS plastic that is coated with carbon fiber printed film, and then covered in a glossy shiny finish, or in a matte flat coating.  

Again, these covers are self installing with double sided tape and they protect that glossy black original finish with a modern sporty carbon fiber look. This item is not a vinyl decal, not a sticker, and not soft or flexible PU Carbon Fiber, but it is made from ABS plastic with a Carbon Fiber Coating. They self instal in less than 10 minutes. Watch our installation video before ordering please.

Model E LOGO:  We give you a choice of a free 3 Bars (Model E) free decal which can be placed on either of the 3 openings areas.  

Your choice of color:   Silver, Black, White, or Red.


We are selling these in 2 finishes. The first is a glossy finish, or a wet look. This finish looks most 3 dimensional and the pattern of the fabric looks deepest in glossy. The second is a matte finish, or a dry look. With Matte you get less glare and less reflection. The glossy and matte finish look amazing and they fit so well between the silver rails of the center console side piece moldings.   They both look OEM as the surface of the center console is raised up a few millimeters making it flush all the way across. Both finishes compliment our carbon fiber dashboard replacements. Just clean with normal mild cleaning solutions.

REDUCED CLOSE OUT PRICES:   $59 for Glossy. These are is based on our standard 20% off for all orders over $150, and once you add these to your shopping cart the pricing will be reduced by 20% if the total in your cart is $150 or more.

Please watch our video to see how it looks and how simple the installation is.  

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