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Model 3 Carbon Fiber Dashboard Cap - From $299 with 20% discount)

Install difficulty: Moderate 2/5
  • Description
  • Cap vs. Replacement
  • Removal (go to 1:50 in video)

Model 3 Carbon Fiber Dashboard Caps.

As of June 15th 2019, we have changed how we sell these. Previously we would ship the caps with glue and we allowed our customers to install the cap. Many customers had problems with the gluing process and sometimes the adhesive hardened before it arrived. Going forward we are now doing the installation of the caps for our customers   We install it over a TESLA stock dashboard.  

We now ship out the dashboard along with a prepaid Fedex return label so our customers can send their stock dashboards back to us. We even pay the shipping cost to return it to us. Removing your stock dashboard is very simple, and no tools are required. Please watch the 3rd video above and scroll to 1:50 to see how simple the removal and installation process is.

The only difference now is a $300 deposit we collect. Once we receive your dashboard back we will refund the $300. This is called a core charge. If you want to keep your original dashboard for some reason, we suggest you order a 2nd one from your local TESLA parts department for $200 for the wood one, or $225 for a white aluminum one. The item below this under "Model 3 Interior Options" is the ..... Deposit Core charge, please add this item to your cart and we will refund it.   Here is a LINK.

Lastly, if you have one on order with us now here is the LINK, please follow the link and order this deposit. If you do not want to pay this deposit we will refund your order. Again, this is the only solution to getting you a dashboard cap installed correctly.

This dashboard cap is a great affordable real carbon fiber cap that covers up the stock dashboard in your Model 3. These are 100% real molded carbon fiber and they fit very snug over your current stock dashboard. This cap is $299 but we also offer another version, and its called a dashboard replacement for $499. Please watch the 2nd video on the tab above called "Cap vs. Replacement". The video is a comparison between these 2 types where we explain their differences. The cap does fits over the stock dashboard, but the ends do slightly hang over the sides unlike our replacement dashboard when are full replacements and they look very OEM. Again, please watch the video to decide which one you prefer.

NOTE: If you own our matching carbon fiber molded center console this is a perfect match with the carbon pattern running from lower left to upper right.  

Pricing: Carbon Fiber Glossy is $299 and Matte is $329.  

COMPARE to our competitors at $700 or more.


Outside the continental USA, shipping is extra for Canada, Hawaii or anywhere else. Please email us with your address so we can calculate the shipping costs before you order if you are not in the continental USA.

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