Model 3 MAXpider 3D All-Weather Floor Mats - $190 +

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5
$237.50 $299.00

MATS ARE OVERSIZED & only SHIP BY FedEx ground, no expedited shipping



Option 1: $ 189 -   3 Pieces, (2 front pieces & 1 for the back seat)

Option 2: $ 299 -   4 Pieces (Option 1 with a full trunk mat)

Option 3: $ 325 -    5 Pieces (Option 1 & 2 with a trunk mat.

Option 4: $ 89 -     1 Piece ( Front Trunk (Frunk) Only)

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3D MAXpider floor mats provide an attractive style not found in other all-weather mats. MAXpider floor mats will enhance the look of your Model 3’s interior, while at the same time, provide peace of mind knowing that when spills happen, and dirt, snow, water and salt are tracked onto your Model 3 floor – no damage will be done.

Unlike traditional floor liners that have an industrial hard plastic look;
3D MAXpider textured all-weather floor liners have a “carpet like” appearance and are pleasing to the eye. Because of the textured finish your feet rest on an anti-slip surface – not slick like other floor liners, which is especially advantageous when your shoes are wet.  


Exact Fit – Protects Flooring – Easy to Clean.

MAXpider three dimensional floor liners fit the contours of your model 3 exactly for a professional looking fit. Edges are raised to provide maximum coverage and protection for your Model 3.
Spills are trapped, and can be easily rinsed off with water. Since MAXpider liners are not heavy they are easier to remove for cleaning than other brands of floor liners.


3 Layer Purposeful Construction:

Top layer is made from Thermoplastic textured waterproof Rubber.
Middle XPE layer reduces foot fatigue & provides a barrier to road noise.
Bottom layer material is slip resistant to keep liners in place without sliding around. (No Grommets or Hooks needed for Driver’s Side Liner.)



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