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This upgrades your TESLA's seats into massaging seats. This module just plugs right in it's amazing. Designed for Model 3 & Model Y.


Honestly, when we heard about this upgrade from Hansshow I was apprehensive and doubted it would work and be worth $140. They make great power liftgates and we install them and sell them for Hansshow so we agreed to test it out.

However, after installing it in our Model 3 I love it. I use it every day! The massaging function really varies more than I thought it could as it cycles in and out and up and down on all 3 of the air bladders found in our seats. Combined with the heat option it really makes this an essential upgrade. Everyone loves it. Buy 1 for yourself or 2 for both front seats.


How it Works:

We all know our Model 3 & Y's front seats are made with lumbar support. We can move the lumbar in and out and up and down. The lumbar support is controlled by the inflation of 1 of 3 bladders, or air bags, found inside our front seats.  The 3 airbags are positioned at the bottom of your seat back and extend up to the middle of the seat. This is also one of the locations where the heated seat - heat emitters is located.

This module gets installed under your seat and it creates a varying cycle which inflates and deflates the air bags. Once the module is plugged in you simply turn on the massaging control by pressing the lombar down button 2 times. Once you do this, the 5 minute massage cycle begins.

Then you just sit back in your seat and you will hear the airbags inflating and deflating. The 3 airbags are get cycled from the bottom to the top back and forth for 5 minutes. Each of the airbags inflate, hold, and deflate very slowly. For added relaxation and the releasing of muscle tension, be sure to try this with your heated seats turned on. It works great, and when you arrive at your destination you will feel like you just stretched out your back. We love this product, but if you don't for any reason just send it back for a full refund.



Installing the module requires no wire cutting, no splicing, just plug and play, and with this newer version you do not have to remove the back of your seat. You only have to remove 1 screw under the seat, unplug and plug in 2 clips. We teach you step by step in our installation video. It's very simple and only takes 10 minutes and everything is included.


Please watch our installation video on the above TAB before ordering.


Pricing:  $140 per unit, and at RPM we will install it for $60 for labor. We have stock in Southern California now, and if you want us to instal it please select the option at checkout and let us know when you want it installed.


NOTE: Model Y & Model 3 Owners

There are 2 types of power source plugs located inside of the back seat air vents and this is where you will into the power supply for the massage controller.

All Model Y's have the new oval type, USB-C plugs as well as Model 3's made after June 2020. This USB-C plug is not finished yet, so we are not selling it until Hansshow comes out with it later this month.

Currently, we only have the rectangular type, or USB-A plug in stock. Again this USB-A will fit all 2017-2020 Model 3's made before June 2020.  

Please look in your Model 3's back seat to verify you have the USB-A rectangular plug female type under your back seat air vents before ordering. You can pre order the Type C now and we will ship ASAP.



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