Model S -Nosecone Chrome Delete - From $979


Thanks for looking at our Chrome Delete Packages.  All parts are made from 3M 1080 Series Vinyl Wrapping material.  These products will last for many years and do not need any special care.  Just was the car and dry it.  Vinyl will not come off or come and will not rub off.

Model S's with a front end nose cone.   

You get your choice of 3M 1080 Series in Glossy Black, Satin Black, or Matte Black for the window trim & side view mirrors. All of the other chrome delete parts can be selected in accent colors, black or carbon fiber. Installation takes 4-6 hours.
Chrome Delete parts include:  Window Trim (with no seams) in Satin, Flat, or Glossy Black Side View Mirrors  in Satin, Flat, or Glossy Black .  With replaced Model 3 matching painted emblems.

The following can be made in matching black or you can add accent colors colors and or any material listed on the Chrome Delete Store for the following: 

Nosecone trim and Nosecone chrome cross section, Headlight Eyelids, Front and Rear TESLA -T Logos, Under Headlight Inlays, Under Door Trim, Full Door Handles Wraps, Tail Light Side Wraps, Rear Chrome Applique', TESLA letters, Turn Signal Indicators, Inner Wheel Cap wrap & Inner Wheel T Logos.  

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