Model Y Tailgate Kick Sensor for Hands Free Trunk Opening- From $89

Install difficulty: Hard 3/5
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Pricing of $89 or $199 installed, will be visible once placed in your shopping cart and when the 20% OFF Minimum is reached.


We are very proud to offer this invisible Trunk Kick Sensor for the Model Y.  

We all love our standard Model Y's Power Lift-gate, but what do we do when we have our hands full when we walk up to our trunk? Fumbling to get your phone out of your pocket is not easy, and dropping your grocery bags just to open up the trunk is not convenient.

This invisible kick sensor is the solution. Once installed, you will be able to open and close your Model Y's Tailgate with only a wave of your foot. These are made by Hansshow and RPM is a distributor and installation shop. Hansshow makes the best power tailgates for all Tesla Trunks and Frunks.

Invisible? Yes the Kick Sensor is installed inside of the Model Y's Hitch compartment so you will not see the sensor and you will not see any wires once installed correctly.

You can order it here and we will ship it to you for self installation for $89, or if you are in Southern California we can install it for you for only $199.


Once you order please texts us at (949) 988-0750 to schedule your local installation.


Self Installation: If you want to self install this sensor it will take about 1.5 hours. We have made a step by step real time installation video. In this video we will teach you our short cuts along with the best way to install this unit. You can see the photo above of the entire kit and the installation instructions. These honestly put, are not detailed enough to install this correctly. This is why we have our installation video on the above tab. Once you purchase this we will email you our unlock code so you will have access to view this. We do not want to make this public so we have a lock on it. You can see the intro video of course. It is on TAB 1.

Tools Needed for Self Installation:   You will need a 10mm socket and a 13mm socket. You will also need a slip line or a fishing line like the one we show in the video.

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