Nosecone Wrapped ($199 with 20% Discount)


Fits all years 2012-2016 Model S with Nosecone.  If you have the refreshed front end this will not it your Model S.


Thank you for looking at this Tesla Model S Front End Nose Cone - Bumper - with 3M Full 3M Carbon Fiber Wrap. This nosecone grill has been wrapped and includes the upper 2 piece pattern for the top on both sides of the "T" logo.  To get this price of $199 we must have your current nose cone sent back to us. 


We do this in 3 ways. 


1.  Just come to our shop in Orange County California, and we will install it an remove yours.  

2.   We collect a $200 core charge from you and once you install our nosecone on your car, you just ship your old nose cone back to us in the same box.  Shipping is free both ways.  Removal is simple.  No tools are needed, you just sit on your bumper and it pops off.  Please watch this video.  It is on our installation page and is a photo linked in the photos.

3.  If you want to buy this carbon wrapped nose cone and keep your your existing one you can simply pay the $399.  This way you have 2 nosecones to choose from.


We sell 3 types of nosecones:.

1.  Nose Cone without Parking Sensors
2. Nose Cone with Parking Sensors without Autopilot ( Built Pre Sept 2014)
3. Nose Cone with Autopilot Built After September 2014 


If you have any questions call us at 949-521-4383.  Also the removal and installation of the nosecone is very simple.  Here is a video link to see just how simple it is:   

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