1 RimSavers Single Replacement Band

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Installation difficulty: Hard 3/5

September 16th update: Dark Grey RimSavers are on backorder from RimBlades. They are manufacturing now, our stock should be replenished in 1 week.


While it’s unlikely you’ll damage a RimSaver and need to replace it but if you do we are selling them individually now.  This product is for ordering replacement rim savers. You can order 1, 2, or 3 here.  

Many customers scrape curbs and need individual wheel replacements so this will make it easy to reorder them. Just select your color and we will ship it our ASAP.

Pricing: $ 25 each when your order meets our 20% Off Minimum, and shipping is free in the USA if your order is $50 or more.


TESLA Model Compatibility:

Model 3 :  Works on all Wheels 18", 19" & 20"

Model S:    Works on all Wheels 19" 20" & 21"  

Model X:   Works on all Wheels 20" & 22"

Model Y:    Does Not Work on 19" Gemini's Wheels.

                  Works on 20" Induction Wheels

                  Works on 21" Überturbine Wheels


WARRANTY:   Here is the warranty link from RIMBLADES.

NOTE: RimSavers are for wheels with a flat lip/edge. If you have wheels with raised or lowered sections, RimSavers can’t be applied. There is no warranty if you wheel edge is not flat and smooth.


Looking for help installing your new RIMSavers.  

There are a couple important things you need to know:

Cleaning Instructions

    1. Wash the wheels with dish soap and water. If you have previously used any kind of tire shine you will need to clean the bonding surface with a shop towel and alcohol prior to using kit. USE LOTS OF ALCOHOL or they may come off. This is not warranted without using alcohol cleaning. After installing them please do use any tire shine or chemicals for 7 days minimum.
    2.   Dry the wheels with a shop towel. Pay close attention to the area between the tire bead and the wheel lip. This area may be saturated with tire shine, which must be removed for proper bonding.
    3.   Use the provided alcohol wipes to clean the wheel lip. Concentrate on the face of the lip where the tape will bond, as well as the area between the bead of the tire and the rim.
    4.   Use a dry paper towel to ensure that the wheel surface is clean of all tire shine, wax, and dirt. Wipe the inner and outer portion of the wheel lip, checking for black residue on your paper towel. If you find black residue, additional wheel cleaning is required. A shop towel and rubbing alcohol are recommended for any additional cleaning needed.

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