Window Tint Model S


The tint pricing you'll pay is $699 which includes 7 windows. Three side windows and the rear hatch back window (1 full piece).

If you add the windshield you will pay $195 extra. If you want tint on your sunroof (pigmented glass above the driver and passenger seat) it is $115 extra.

Once we received your order we will contact you to set up your installation date. We will need your Tesla for 6-8 hours.

Our Window Tint Film:  

We only install 3M Crystalline Window tint and we use the best films.  

When you bring in your car we will help you select the darkness of your vehicle and we will explain all of the areas we can install on your Tesla. Tint darkness runs from 95% blocked light or Limo tint, to nearly invisible detection on side windows or windshield.

Benefits include:   Great heat reduction, light reduction, UV reduction, and glare reduction.

Click here to see more information on 3M Crystalline Tint

Click here to see 3M's website.

Tint Coverage - Shade of the darkness can vary as desired for your windows.

Option 1: 4 door windows, 2 small back seat windows, & large rear window ( 1 Piece )

Option 2: All of Option 1 plus front windshield

Option 3: All of Option 1 plus Sunroof glass over driver and passenger.

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