Model Y Radiator Protective Mesh Grill Panel - $149

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5



Protect your pride and joy, as this is a must-have protective accessory for all Tesla Model Y owners. Designed specifically to fit all Model Y's. (Fits all models 5 & 7 seaters).
Our Radiator Protective Mesh Grill Panel stops, bugs, rocks, and other road debris from denting the fins on your front intake radiator, as well as preventing the puncturing of the radiator. Other, larger things like leaves and bugs can really restrict the needed airflow through your radiator as well.
Yes, TESLA's do have a front radiator that requires airflow to cool the evaporators for the air conditioning system and to cool or heat the battery tray as needed.  
Our mesh panel is made from strong ABS plastic and we insert stainless steel wire mesh on the backside. This fine mesh is like having a screen door in front of of your radiator. The mesh stops leaves and rocks and smaller objects from interfering with the required airflow and they also stop objects from puncturing your radiator.
This can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills as a punctured radiator is not covered by a warranty. Minimize your chances of paying thousands of dollars for a new front radiator with this protective panel. These are made in Satin Black and match the trim on your Model Y. They simply protect and improve the look of the inlet area. Check out our before and after photos.

PRICING: Only $149 with free shipping in the contiguous U.S. & Canada is $15 more.


SHIPPING: These are shipped by U.S. Priority Mail and are packaged in a thick cardboard tube. Arrival time is 2 to 4 days.


Very easy, just wipe the sides clean, and peel the double sided tape liner and press in to the air intake vent area. Apply pressure on the ends and you are done.


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