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20% OFF All Product Orders Over $50 & Free USA ground shipping on non Oversized products


All of our products are designed for simple installation & easy removal

If you need installation help and you live in Southern California, just email us for an estimate.

Our hourly installation rates start at $50 per hour and vary based on how many items you buy.



Our products do not require any experience to put on. No special tools, no knives, and no cutting. All of our products have installation videos we encourage you to watch before ordering. All of our vinyl applique's can be installed by a Tesla owner.  


Care must be taken in all self installations and for those owners who would prefer a professional installation, they can take their car to any local sign company, or automotive aftermarket installation shop that installs window tint, or paint correction or paint sealing. Many mobile companies will come to you.    


Self Installing Customers read below and be sure to watch our videos.



After watching our Basic Installation Video, find the video for the product you are going to install and please watch that specific video.


For Vinyl Wrap Decals, you simply clean the area for your decal with the alcohol prep pad we sent you or glass cleaner. Then peel off the white paper from the back side of your decal. Then position your decal thru the clear front transfer tape and place it down, then squeegee it so the decal will stick to where you want it. Slowly lift up and peel off the clear transfer tape.  


For Clear Bra parts and some thicker products you may have to install them wet, where they require a water and soap water solution, just watcht the matching video below.

Lastly, if you don't like how it looks or if you mess one up, don't worry just call us and we will do everything we can to help you out with a replacement decal. Paying the material cost and the postage is all we ask.


COLD WEATHER TIP: When installing Carbon Fiber Wraps or any vinyl products, the key is elasticity. To keep the material elastic and flexible it needs to be warm! Installing when its warm outside and in direct sunlight is best, but not always possible. A hair dryer in a closed garage can simulate these ideal conditions. Just have someone wave it back and forth while you handle the wrap. The warmer the viny gets the more pliable it will be.


Satisfaction Guarantee & Restocking fees:


We give everyone a 100% guarantee on all of our products. If you don't like anything you buy from us you can send it back for a full refund. We have to be able to resell it, so it must be in a resell-able condition.  If you take our self installing parts to an installation shop and they talk you into buying their products while they put clear bra on your car or something else, we have a 50% restocking fee. This is our policy since 2013 as we provide products to fellow Tesla owners directly. There are shady installation companies that have told our customers in the past to simply return our parts, and this is why we have this restocking fee.