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Our top-of-the-line FlexiShield DFR PRO windshield protection film is specifically designed to guard against the everyday wear and tear that can compromise your driving experience and your vehicle’s appearance.

Replacing your Tesla's windshield due to damage from rocks or road debris can be expensive, and often the replacement glass is not of the same OEM quality as your original windshield. This can affect everything from the fit to the clarity and durability of the glass. That’s why investing in high-quality windshield protection is essential.

Warranty and Protection Details

- 2-Year Warranty: We stand behind the durability of FlexiShield DFR PRO with a comprehensive 2-year warranty covering any potential cracking, bubbling, or delamination. This guarantees that your windshield film will perform excellently, maintaining its clarity and protective qualities without fail.
- 1-Year Warranty: Additionally, we offer a 1-year warranty covering top-coat damage. This includes protection against minor scratches and abrasions that can occur during normal use, ensuring your windshield remains in top condition.

Why Choose FlexiShield DFR PRO?
- Optimal Clarity: Designed to be virtually invisible, the film maintains the natural clarity of your Tesla’s windshield, ensuring that your view is always clear and unobstructed.
- Enhanced Durability: The film’s strength helps to significantly reduce the risk of chips and cracks caused by impacts from road debris, thus extending the life of your windshield.

UV Protection: FlexiShield DFR PRO doesn't just protect against physical impacts; it also blocks 99% of ultraviolet light. This UV protection helps shield the driver from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of burns, and also prevents the interior of your Tesla from fading over time.
- Easy Maintenance: FlexiShield DFR PRO is engineered to resist water and dirt, making it easier to keep your windshield clean and clear.

Our installation process is carried out by trained professionals who ensure that every edge is aligned and secured, preventing peeling and lifting.

Details Matter

PPF Aftercare Instructions:

First 7 days:

  • Do not wash your car.
  • Avoid using towels to wipe the film, especially near the edges.
  • Avoid high-pressure car washes.

First 3 days: 

  • Limit your speed to 50 mph (80 km/h).
  • Water evaporation: It’s normal to see some residual water under the film. It will evaporate within 15-30 days, faster in direct sunlight.
  • Cleaning: Avoid strong acids or alkalis to clean the PPF, as they can reduce gloss over time.
  • Lifting or bubbling: Contact the installer for professional help. Do not cut or peel the film yourself.
  • Self-healing and water repellency: These properties don’t guarantee protection under extreme conditions. Wash off bird droppings and dead bugs within 72 hours to prevent residue penetration.
  • Microfiber cloths: Use high-quality cloths to avoid staining the PPF.