Model Y Knight-Rider Barbwire or OEM LED Turn Signal/Tail Lights (1 Pair)

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MODEL Y Knight-Rider Style Barbwire LED Turn Signal/Tail Light conversion.


Barbwire Style or new OEM Light Up Style - In stock now


This tail light upgrade kit is an amazingly simple way to transform your Tesla's rear bumper reflectors into Knight-Rider Style Barbwire Turn Signal Indicators while making driving safer by increasing your Tesla's visibility. You gain 2 extra tail lights with a cool floating Knight-Rider LED Turn Signal look.


Featuring 3 Functions to improve your TESLA's visibility:

1. The LED's blink in a floating outward pattern when you use your turn signals.

2. When your headlights are on, the LED's stay illuminated and you gain 2 additional tail lights.

3. When you lift your foot off the accelerator the LED's blink once to alert vehicles behind you that you are slowing down, and then your normal brake lights illuminate.  


Our installation video will teach you how to remove the lower rear bumper reflectors and upgrade them to these beautiful Barbwire style LED Lights.

You can remove your bumper to install these, but no bumper removal is needed as we show you how to fish the wires up to connect them to your tail lights standard plug.


These are Plug and Play, no splicing, and no warranty issues. If you can use a hand drill and remove 6 nuts you can install these. Please watch our Demo video & our full installation video before ordering.

Everything is included, the fish tape, the LED lights, and the plug and play male and female connectors.  You will only need 2 sockets, a ratchet, a pick, and some electrical tape.  


Check out our Demo video to see how cool these are on the Tab Above, and please watch our Full Installation Video Before Ordering .


Model Y Installation is slightly different than 3, Somewhat easier so please watch the Demo Video, and the installation, and the Model Y Difference Video.

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