Model 3 & Y Console Shadow Black Wrap
Model 3 & Y Console Shadow Black Wrap
Model 3 & Y Console Shadow Black Wrap
Model 3 & Y Console Shadow Black Wrap
Model 3 & Y Console Shadow Black Wrap
Model 3 & Y Console Shadow Black Wrap

Model 3 & Y Console Shadow Black Wrap

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Material (3M 1080 Vinyl Choice) Matte Shadow Black (3M SB12)
3 Bar Decal - Self Installing None
Installation difficulty: Hard 3/5


Brand new Matt Black vinyl patterns from 3M.  Shadow Black is a matte black camo type pattern.

A detailed video about the Shadow Black can be seen HERE. This new pattern is textured and very unique. It's a cross between a camouflage and a floral pattern. It is very subtle when in the shade and very brilliant in bright sunlight.  

No need to worry about scratches or finger prints.  If you like the clear look we sell a clear vinyl paint protection film, not this item, and if you want your console to be a matte black color like your seat and dashboard, then you need to order our other vinyl protection film, called 3M Matte. This will make it look matte black as well.

Once installed with vinyl film, or paint protection film, you will be able to drop your keys and change or anything on top and you will never get a scratch or a mark on your cup holder, flip drawer, or the rest of the center console. You can get matching material for your steering wheel and dashboard wood cover as well.

New Model E free silver decal for installation for the flip drawer.  Pick from Silver, Black, White, or Red or below. Shown in the first photos.

Caring for the vinyl wrap cover is just like a plastic surface, just use cleaner to wipe it down. It resists finger prints, and we include a squeegee for smoothing the vinyl out.  Protect that glossy finish before you scratch it!





Fits all Model 3's and all Model Y's 2017-2020


Our installation videos provide the necessary information to correctly install our products. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you watch the installation video/s both before ordering and before installing our products.

Please note that some products may not have an installation video because there is no/minimal  installation needed.  However, if you have any questions regarding the installation please contact us via live chat or email and we will happily answer any of your installation questions.