Model 3 Key Card Holder with Vinyl Wrap (Only $ 7.99 with 20% OFF)

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5

This 3M vinyl covered Tesla Model 3 Key card holder is a solution for many Model 3 owners. If we don't have our phone or we don't have the key card in place by the arm rest we all get the annoying "TAP KEY" warning. Maybe you are tired of your key card dropping between your seats, or digging for it after you put it in your wallet or purse. This is the solution to keep it in place and is very handy for valet parking.

Here is how it works. When you approach your Model 3 with an smartphone, your Model 3 doesn't always connect your app to your car, so you have to take out your key card and swipe it on the B-pillar and once inside your car you have to place it behind your cup holder. Or maybe you forgot your cell phone, or you just don't like to use a smartphone, well this will help you.  

The simple solution is placing your key card in this envelope after you install it by sticking it down under the armrest latch. This out of place location will hold your key card while you drive. Again, not a brain surgeon item, but we make the front wraps out of the same material as our center console wraps. If you bought one in Brushed Black Metal, then get a matching key card holder. Add a color T logo as wel to help you see it. Pick your car color or any color you like, or leave the T logo off so the envelope is nearly invisible.

Once you arrive at your location, you take your key card and place it in your purse or wallet, or if you are valet parking just insert it into your RPM TESLA Valet Buddy. Then hand it to the attendant.

Thank you again for the idea Paige, one of our great customers and member of the LA Tesla Club.

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