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Model 3 Wind Noise Reduction Kit Gen. 2
Model 3 Wind Noise Reduction Kit Gen. 2
Model 3 Wind Noise Reduction Kit Gen. 2
Model 3 Wind Noise Reduction Kit Gen. 2
Model 3 Wind Noise Reduction Kit Gen. 2
Model 3 Wind Noise Reduction Kit Gen. 2
Model 3 Wind Noise Reduction Kit Gen. 2
Model 3 Wind Noise Reduction Kit Gen. 2

Model 3 Wind Noise Reduction Kit Gen. 2

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If you are tired of wind noise at the top of your windshield in your Model 3?  This is the solution!  

OVER 10,000 Sold. RPM Created this item, the rest are just imitations with 30 days warranties.

Gen 2. is now shipping as of June 15th.  This version is made from a smoother silicone rubber making installation easier and increasing longevity.  Comes with our usual lifetime warranty unlike Ebay and Amazon copies.

RPM TESLA invented this item and many have tried to copy it.  The items on Amazon and Ebay have no warranty after 30 days. If it flies off your roof and you buy it from them you are out of luck.  Buy American Made from RPM TESLA.  We give you a lifetime warranty, and we've sold over 10,000 of these wind noise kits. THEY REALLY WORK!

This custom made expandable silicone rubber seal fills up the channel around the top of your windshield and around the entire perimeter of the glass roof panel. This rubber compound was selected for outdoor use with its ozone resistance.

Strong crosswinds and headwinds can cause loud wind noises in many Model 3's. When we received our Model 3 in January 2018 we asked Tesla customer service about the windshield upper wind noise but service said it was normal. After owning several model S's we knew this was not normal for a Tesla. We also noticed similar complaints on forums. So our investigation began.

We started with comparing the windshield and glass roof junction areas of our Model S and compared it to our Model 3 and we found a big difference. The gap or channel between the 2 glass pieces on the 3 has a deep area that spans the entire width of the windshield. With the help of John, a very smart engineer and RPM customer, we tested the Model 3 with a sound meter comparing it with and without our seal, and our theory was proven. Over a course of 3 days we drove the same roads and freeways with and without the seal and we found a 5 to 8 decibel difference under windy conditions. The rough wind noise from the top of the windshield was now gone. When the seal is installed it eliminates this channel and stops the air from getting trapped between the 2 panels.

More Testing Details:  We tried different roads and different speeds. We ran repeated tests with and without the seal on the car, then on the same road and then go try on a different road and different speed. We always tested in both directions to ensure we were comparing apples to apples as close as possible. THIS WAS CRITICAL.

Conclusion:  We believe what is happening is the channel (gap) acts as a resonant cavity for certain frequencies and if those frequencies fall in the spectrum that you are most sensitive to it will annoy you. If not, you will tune it out. John didn't have a spectrum analyzer, but that would have added an interesting dimension to the analysis. Also we found the wind noise to be louder near the corners of the windshield.


This installs in less than 5 minutes, no tools are needed, no gluing, no cutting, no mess. Just lay the sides in and then stretch and retract the front and back edges. Once installed the open gap channels look better than new. The large gaps on the sides of the car and the front and back edges on the roof glass look perfect and are flush or below the glass line.  Please watch our installation video before installing.




Our installation videos provide the necessary information to correctly install our products. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you watch the installation video/s both before ordering and before installing our products.