Model 3 & Y USB Hub Dock - $49 with 20% Off

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Our USB Hub Dock splits the 2 USB ports inside your center console into 6 ports. This provides a secure place to hide your Sentry Mode thumb drive while helping to clean up your wires. No more splicing wires or using connector wires to separate data & power.  


6-in-1 USB Hub for Charging& DashCam Recording

Our Model 3 & Y USB Hub allows you to use up to six different devices for charging and data purposes. It features 2 front USB-A and 2 USB-C connectors. Inside the lower hidden compartment you can ad a thumb drive Sentry Mode Dashcam storage as well as an additional thumb drive for much storage.


How it Works:

Just plug it in to the 2 ports and you are ready to plug in your cell phone wires and a sentry mode flash drive along with music storage drives.


NOTE: This is not compatible with our FULL SIZE storage trays, and only works with our HALF SIZE storage trays. Click to order one for $29.



Please watch our installation video on the above TAB.


Pricing:  $49


NOTE:         Model Y & Model 3 Owners.    

There are 2 types of USB's in Model 3's, Model 3's made from 2017 until May of 2020 have 2 USB-A type female connectors inside your center console. Please verify which type you have before ordering.

All Model Y's have the new oval type, USB-C plugs as well as Model 3's made after June 2020. This USB-C style version will be shipping in August. If you order now it is a presale purchase.


Again, currently, we only have the rectangular type, or USB-A plug in stock. Again this USB-A will fit all 2017-2020 Model 3's made before June 2020.  

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