Model 3 & Y Hub Doc Fits 2017-2020 (USB-A) & (C+A) Only $49

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5
$61.25 $79.00

Does NOT fit 2021 Model 3 &. Model Y Made After Feb 2021



Version 1, USB-A version for Model 3's made before August 2020 USB-A ports.

Version 2, USB-C+A version fits All Model Y's & Model 3's made after June 2020.


Our USB Hub Dock splits the 2 USB ports inside your center console into 6 ports for USB-A Version, and 5 Ports for USB-C+A Version. This hub doc also provides a secure place to hide your Sentry Mode thumb drive while helping to clean up your center console wires. No more splicing wires or using connector wires to separate data & power.  


6-in-1 USB Hub for Charging & DashCam Recording

Our Model 3 & Y USB Hub allows you to use up to 5 or 6 different devices for charging and data purposes. It features 2 front USB-A and 2 USB-C connectors. Inside the lower hidden compartment you can ad a thumb drive Sentry Mode Dash Cam storage as well as an additional thumb drive for much storage.


How it Works:

Just plug it in to the 2 ports and you are ready to plug in your cell phone wires and a sentry mode flash drive along with music storage drives.

NOTE: This is not compatible with our FULL SIZE storage trays, and only works with our HALF SIZE storage trays. Click to order one for $29.

Pricing:  $49, just add to your shopping car and meet our 20% Off Minimum to get this price.


All Ports Have Data & Power Transfer Capabilities.  Ours features 2 front Type-C connectors and 2 front USB-A connectors, along with 1 USB-A connector inside the hidden panel for Dashcam recording. The left USB-C port on the USB Hub for all Model Y and post-June 2020 model 3s preserve the rapid charge. (18w IIRC).


NOTE:   Model Y & Model 3 Owners

There are 2 types of USB's in Model 3's, Model 3's made from 2017 until May of 2020 have 2 USB-A type female connectors inside your center console, and Model Y's and Model 3's Made after June 2020 have 1 A-USB and 1 USB-C. Please verify which type you have before ordering.


Please watch both of our installation video's on the above TAB. The first is the basic video and the 2nd is the USB-C Version. This is a little more difficult to get the USB's plugged in. Please watch it before ordering.

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