Model 3 & Y Valet Buddy

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5

This is a simple item for valet parking.  Its protects your card from getting lost or damaged, and it makes finding your key card simple for parking lot attendents.   Click on this to watch this video to see how it works.

Here is how it works,  normally we keep our Model 3 key cards inside our wallet or purses.  It is a great back up key in case your smart phone battery dies.  What do you do when you need to valet park your car.  Simple, just open your arm rest and insert your key card into the Valley Buddy and hand it to your vallet parking attendent.  You may need to show them where to place the card while driving, and where to place it to open the door. 


But what about when you leave?  You walk up to the valet attendant and tell them you have the Tesla Model 3, and you name your car color.   They will find your key card easier in their key box when they spot your colort matching TESLA logo on the backside of your Valet Buddy.  As they look throught the parking lot at all the Model 3's of the same color, they notice your license plate numbrer on the back side.  Simple enough.


Not a brainsurgeon item, simple, with the Vinyl Decal car color of your choice, but that's why its only $9.99 or under $7.99 with 20% Off.  Its a great add on item !  Thank you for the idea Paige !!

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