Model 3 & Y Center Console Molded Carbon Fiber Cover Gen. 2 - From $ 199

Install difficulty: Moderate 2/5

MODEL COMPATIBILITY: Fits all Model 3's and all Model Y's 2017-2020

Normally these are in stock, but sometimes we run out. Delivery is 2-3 weeks at times.  

Generation 2 new and improved for Key Card and Key FOB programing access, along with greater carbon fiber coverage around all edges which provides a more OEM look and fit.


Made of DRY MOLDED CARBON FIBER with the molded open key card location. This new version is molded and contoured to fit all 3 pieces of your center console. It is rigid, not flexible so it conforms around all the edges, and covers the rounded cup holder edges.  This is rigid real carbon fiber made to fit over your existing glossy black center console. It is NOT a flexible urethane coated type, it is not a vinyl decal, not sticker, and not a printed carbon fiber top coat. It is nothing but real carbon fiber. The fit is fantastic and installs in less than 15 minutes. We even teach you how to upgrade from a vinyl version, so please watch our install video on the tab above.



The first is glossy finish, or called a wet look. The glossy finish looks the most three dimensional and the pattern of the carbon looks the deepest.

The second is a matte finish, or called a dry look. With matte there is less glare and reflection, but also less depth.  

They both look OEM as the surface of the center console is raised 1-2 mm making it flush all the way across. Both finishes are a great match to our carbon fiber dashboard replacements with matching directional patterns from lower left to upper right.

You get all a 3 pieces, the 3 center console pieces including the molded cup holder part that now fits all the way around and into the cup holder right up the aluminum trim. The flip drawer is molded to match the curved angle, and the top trapezoid part is molded to match.  


Material choice:  In the video we show what it looks like with vinyl options for carbon fiber, satin black, and satin white, and show with alcantara (Ultra-suede Vegan). As of August 15th we are only shipping this with the Alcantara under the key card, but it is all installed making installation even easier.


PRICING:   $199 for Glossy and $239 for Matte. Both shown prices are automatically discounted by 20% to get to these prices once you get to your checkout page.

Please watch our video to see how it looks and how simple the installation is, and to learn how to upgrade to this version in case you have any of our other vinyl or plastic versions.



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