Model 3 & Y White Window & Door Switch Kit Caps (14 Pieces) $59

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5

White Door Switch and Window Switch Caps for 3 & Y

Only fits 2017-2020

Brand new in Glossy Pearl White & Matte White.

Matte White is a Perfect Match for your Matte White Seats, Door Panels, and Dashboard. Our plastic injection molded covers for the Model 3 & Y Consoles are in stock and now shipping.

These protect that glossy black original finish with a modern look. This item is not a vinyl decal, it is made from ABS plastic and painted with white pearl paint. They self install in less than 15 minutes. Watch our installation video before ordering.  


Pricing:   $59 for the entire 14 piece kit.

The price os based on our standard 20% off for all orders over $150, and you will not see this until you get to our final checkout page.


Model Y CUSTOMERS: The front right door switch cover is slightly longer in the Model Y compared to Model 3. For the Emergency Latch to open easily we are making the switch cover shorter to allow for great clearance between the button. If you receive your kit from us and if you don't like this fitment, please just install the switch cover and the Emergency Latch Cover. We will send out a replacement door switches if requested, when our new tooling is finished.  

Esthetically speaking, it looks better with the current tight fitment, but some customers are worried the latch will not open easily in the event or power loss. So for this reason, we are making new tooling. In our Model Y, we prefer the tight fitment as it deters people from pulling on the Emergency Latch, and rest assured, it will open if you pull on it hard. Again there is just the slight clearance issue between.


These are very easy to install. Takes only 15 minutes.  Simple to install, just clean the switch area and then just place down after removing the double sided backing tape.

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