Model 3 Caliper Covers Engraved - with Jack Puck $239

Install difficulty: Expert 4/5
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MGP American Made Aluminum Caliper Covers. Simple to install, not permanent, and no warranty compromising risk.  

We give you 4 Caliper Covers for only $239 along with a rubber jack pad made for Model 3. You will not pay the $349, that is our list price that will be discounted to $239 once placed in your shopping cart.

You can add a full set or rubber jack pads for only $20 extra. See option.

We also offer Ceramic Painted Calipers for $549 if you live in Southern California, but these caliper covers are a great lower cost non-permanent solution to covering up the plain silver calipers on your Model 3.  

Tired of looking at the small undersized horseshoe shaped rear calipers, look at how nice these brighten up your wheels. We install these for only $50 if you come to us in Orange County California. Order online and after you get your confirmation just email us back to schedule your installation.

Made and tested to specifically fit over Tesla Model 3 stock brake calipers, these Caliper Covers will give your Models 3 a RED Caliper Painted look. These fit on 18" inch and 19" OEM Tesla wheels.

Caliper Covers not only look awesome, but, they reduce brake dust accumulation in your wheels. These made in USA Caliper Covers are made from lightweight 6061-T6 Aerospace Aluminum that covers the caliper for an perfect fit. They are powder coated in bright TESLA red for a long-lasting, beautiful look and each cover includes engraved T E S L A logo in silver paint fill. These letter are not decals but deeply engraved and painted.   Also no silly fake bolt patterns are on our covers, just powder coated in TESLA red with silver TESLA Letters.

Finally, if you want white or black TESLA letters or if you want a custom wrapped color instead of red, we sell our non engraved version as well. Here is the LINK to our non-engraved version with vinyl letters.


Installation: We are making our own DIY video, but here is one from the manufacture that explains more.  CLICK HERE

Many suggest professional installation, but we believe if you can remove wheel with our Model 3 Wheel Chuck, and if you can torque your lug nuts to 110 pounds, you can do this installation yourself.  

To install the covers you simple push on 2 clips on the upper and lower end of the caliper, and then you put a nut over a screw and you are all set. Watch the 2 installation videos to learn more, but it this is so simple you will not believe it.

Installation time: Average installation time is about one hour.

Tools required: Safety glasses, floor jack, impact wrench or lug wrench, torque wrench, 3/8" wrench.

Note: there is no painting, taping, or gluing, or any brake caliper modifications involved in the installation.

Will RPM TESLA’s caliper covers fit with my Model 3 wheels?

Yes, Caliper Covers fit all versions of the Model 3. These custom-fit Caliper Covers have been designed for optimal fitment for both 18" and 19" and 20" TESLA wheels.

Caliper Covers will guarantee brake caliper fitment when utilizing the appropriate RPM TESLA Caliper Cover part number specific to the Model 3. In addition, installation must be performed in adherence to the included installation instructions.

What if I have aftermarket wheels?

Caliper Covers are designed for a close fit. If you have aftermarket wheels and would like to determine whether you have enough clearance, measure from the back of the wheel to the front of the caliper. If you have 1/8" (approximately 3mm) of clearance, you have enough space. To test - if you can slide two stacked quarters between the brake caliper and the wheel, you should have enough clearance. If a vehicle has been fitted with aftermarket wheels, it is the customer’s responsibility to verify a 3mm clearance prior to placing the order. Because of the vast variety of aftermarket wheels, it is imperative that this be executed before an order is placed.  Caliper Covers require 3mm of clearance between the brake caliper and the inside face of the wheel. If a customer is unsure as to whether the wheel configuration has the necessary clearance, it is recommended that you contact us before you place an order.

Will caliper covers reduce brake dust on my wheels?

Customers report a significant decrease in brake dust after installation of Caliper Covers. See the “Features” tab for more.

When using regenerative braking with my Model 3, will brake dust or heat dissipation still be factor?

You'll still use your brakes. But it's true that you'll use your brakes less in a Model 3 than someone driving a gas-powered internal combustion engine vehicle due to regenerative braking.

To get that "pop" of color, can't I just order red calipers with my Model 3?

At this time, red calipers are not an option with Model 3.

What about painting my calipers?

You can try painting your calipers, but be prepared for a lot of work. First, you'll need to get the whole car up on jack stands. Then you'll have to decide whether to paint them in place or disassemble them. Either way, everything will have to be completely clean or the paint won't stick. If you're painting the calipers in place, you'll need to use a brush, but there will be areas that will be hard to get to. Caliper Covers provide a more convenient and cleaner approach.

Will the red coating on my caliper covers hold up to the heat?

Caliper Covers are powder coated for high heat, durability and toughness.

Are caliper covers removable for brake service?

Yes. Reverse installation, remove, and replace after service.

Can I order a blank caliper cover or one with a color of my choice?

No, the only options available are the options in our pull-down menu.

Does the red used on Caliper Covers perfectly match the Tesla red body paint?

No, the red used for Caliper Covers is called “Red Baron.” It is a fairly standard color used by most of the popular big brake companies. Nearly all customers with red cars are perfectly fine with this color. Since the brakes are not against the body of the vehicle, the red being slightly different is not very blatant / obvious. And, according to our customers, it blends in nicely and looks very sharp. However, this is subjective.

Can I install caliper covers myself?

Professional installation is normally required but if you can remove your wheels and re-torque them you can should be able to handle this installation. Instructions will be provided with the product for the installer and instructions are also available in digital format within our "Instructions" tab (and we've also included an instructional video as reference in our "Videos" tab). Note: professional installation of Caliper Covers should take 45 minutes - 2 hours depending on the installer.

Where can I find a professional installer?

In every area, there are competent wheel and tire service centers / shops that have specialty in aftermarket product installation, these installers tend to be the most adept at installs like Caliper Covers. However, it is imperative that you ask your installer follow the instructions provided.

How long does it take to ship caliper covers?

We target your shipment from same day with expedited orders or 5-14 days for normal non-expedited.


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