TESLA Coat Hooks - Plastic with Foam Protection (1 Pair $11.99 with 20% Off)


TESLA Plastic Injection Molded Coat hooks. 


Now with extra foam padding on the backside to insure head rests and seats will not get scratches or marked up. Full underside foam padded. Coat hooks have been missing from the Model S and Model X, and in the Model 3, they hold much more weight and larger ammounts of hangers.

These new plastic injection molded coat hooks fit all Model S's Model X's and Model 3's.

Model S:  These fit S's with sunroofs on the inside side of your car, and if you have the all glass roof they fit on the same side panel roof parts, and if you have the newer Model S with power headrests, these will fit over the back of the top of the headrests. Just slide on and slide off.

Model X:  These fit only over the back of the top of the power headrests.  

Model 3:  These fit only on the black seat back of your model 3, under the heat rest a show in the 3rd photo.

Why buy these from RPM TESLA.

1. These cost 30-50% less than our competitors.
2. They are made in the USA.
3. These are injection molded from strong ABS plastic whichs makes them stronger.
4. The back side is fully lined with felt to protect your seat head rests.
5. These have been designed to hold over 10 pounds, which is 4 pounds more than our competitors
6. Lifetime warranty

You always get more for your money from RPM TESLA. With FREE SHIPPING in USA, and the best customer service.

We recommend you remove the hooks when passengers are seated in the back seat. In the event of heavy breaking or a collision, the passengers could be hurt by the hooks. These are designed too hold on at the top of the seat but you can never be to cautious.

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