PLAID Spaceballs Tribute Emblems

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Fits All years Model 3, Model S, Model X, & Model Y  


Add a PLAID Emblem to any TESLA you may own.  Originally this emblem was installed on only the first 25 Plaid Model S's given out at the event in Fremont California.

We are offering the celebration emblem as a tribute to the awesome Model S Plaid. Add this emblem to any TESLA for the Spaceballs fun look. Put it on your Model S or any model for Plaid fun.

They are made from Zinc diecast and are chrome plated an painted to match with red and white stripes. With paint or a permanent marker you can chrome delete the raised up chrome edges very easily for a full chrome deleted look.


Installation: These come with 3M VHB double sided emblem foam on the back so all you do is line it up, peel off the backing paper and press on to apply.  

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