Cupholder Inserts Soft TPE Rubber- 1 Pair 29.99 with 20% Off

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5

Thanks for looking at our cup inserts. These fit all TESLA models and really help hold cans, water bottles, and cups of all sizes from moving around while you drive. This newer set is made from Thermoplastic Rubber, which has 3 tabs on the inner diameter. These tabs hold your beverages very tight, regardless of their size as they fit most all diameter drinks.

Model Compatibility:

These fit perfect in the Model 3, but on the S & X, you can use them, but you cannot put 2 next to each other. We suggest one in the front armrest cup holder and one in the back cup holder as shown in the last photos below.

These inserts will not allow light to go through so if you have our cup holder light up pucks, we do not recommend this cup holder insert.

Simple to install, just drop it in.  

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