Glasses Holder - Model S (Only $5 with 20% Off)


If you've ever wanted a quick access place to hang your sunglasses or readers, Our Glasses Holder may be a perfect solution for Model S owners.   This does not fit Model X.

If you already own one of our cubby drawers, then you may keep your sunglasses inside it, but what about your readers?  Or maybe you dont have room in your cubby drawer for your sunglasses.  This maybe be a simple solution for you.

This small, powder coated spring steel Glasses Holder just slides under the front microphone cover above your rear view mirror.   Its a great convenient place to keep your glasses handy without attaching them to your visor.  Not made of cheap plastic like others sell.

Simple-to-install just check out our installation video.  Click on the last photo on the left.

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