Handheld UV Sanitizing Wand

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Another great portable UV way to disinfect your TESLA as well as your home and office. We really wanted to find a Wand type UV disinfectant to compliment our other 2 devices to help our customers. After considering many we decided to sell this unit.  

This wand is used by doctors and many traveling professionals. Take it on a plane to clean off the seats, the bathroom toilet seats, or use it in your TESLA if you have to valet park or take your car in for service. Use in hotels and in rental cars.

It's so simple to use, just turn it on and face it down to clean the surfaces of anything you want to sterilize. It only needs exposure for 10 seconds with this very strong UV-C bulb. Perfect for seating areas, keyboards, or steering wheels.

It takes 4 AA Batteries (Not Included), which is a must for airplane travel as Lithium Ion batteries cannot be taken on many flight or pass through airport security scanners. The batteries will last for hours of disinfecting.


  • Compact and Portable: The UV-C light is effective for sterilization, and it can be used wherever it needs to be disinfected.
  • Just place it inside your TESLA on your armrest, turn on the countdown timer and leave it to run its 30 minute cycle.
  • USB Rechargeable Design: Built-in 1,000 maH battery for repetitive use. On a full charge the battery can
  • Suitable Occasions: The lamp is suitable for kitchen, bathroom, storage room, wardrobe, shoe cabinet and other places.
  • Works in just 10 seconds when placed within 5 cm.
  • The UV Bulbs will last for more than 8,000 hours.


Rated Power: 3.8W Battery: 1,000maH Rated Voltage: DC 3.7v

Dimensions:   56mm x 56mm x 125mm

UV Tube Lift Span: 8,000 Hours

Use caution with all UV lights.  UV goggles must be work if looking at the light or at the surface it's exposing.  Unit has starting timer and exposure time is set up by default. Once turned on, face it down, never upward towards your eyes and keep away from your skin.


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