Invisible Door Handle Protection Covers (Set of 4)

Invisible Door Handle Protection Covers (Set of 4)

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Our NEW Clear Bra Door handle covers give you the ultimate invisible protection for your beautiful chrome door handles. They are made from Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra.

If you own a Tesla Model S, you really need these door handle covers.  We have listed the 3 main reasons below.

#1 Protecting Your Door Handles, these clear vinyl patterns cover the front and back of the door handles and protect them from getting scratched or chipped by your rocks, rings, keys, or even finger nails.  

#2 No More Finger Prints, with our vinyl door handle covers you will eliminate the annoying finger prints that we get on the door handles.  The secret is in the Expel vinyl as oils from our fingers do not cling to plastic like polished chrome does.  Say goodbye to wiping off the door handles.  (Watch the video, just click on the last photo above)

#3 Finger Burning Resistance, with our custom designed anti scalding flap that wraps around the backside of the handle you will never put your fingers directly onto the hot chrome plated die cast door handles again.  We all know how hot they get in direct sunlight!  They are like frying pans in the sun, front and back sides both. Many customer have asked for these for years especially in the summer time.

(Watch the video, just click on the last photo above)

We included the 4 decals, the turbo squeegee.  You just need to buy some rubbing alcohol and mix it 25/75 with water.  Its all in the video!!


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