Model 3 18" Aero Wheel Hydro Carbon Fiber Center Hub Caps (Set of 4 $69)

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5
These only fit TESLA Original 18" Aero Wheels. ALL YEARS 2017-2021
If you love the look of your Aero 18" wheels when you take off your hubcaps, then this is a great item for you? With our new center hubs you don't need to buy lug nut covers and center caps, just buy these as they pop right in and cover up the lug nuts and center holes. You also will not have to remove the center caps with a suction cup when you want to put your hubcaps back on.
These are for sale in our Hydro Carbon Fiber Pattern. We now have glossy and matte in stock, and they match the Aero Wheels glossy grey surface pattern in the carbon fiber. They also match glossy black powder coated wheels like in our photos. The grey stock Aero wheels are glossy grey, but many have asked for the matte finish as they may have powder coated their wheels.
These are made from Hydro Printed Carbon Fiber over ABS injection molded plastic. They have a locking ring on the back to keep them in place on your wheels. They can be removed by pulling on 2 of the legs because of the rigidity of the hard ABS plastic.


These also come with a set of our Inner Wheel Vinyl Decals as show in some of the photos in red. You get 5 to self install the color of your choice to match your paint of calipers.. Your choice of a "3" or a "T" logo in Red, White, Black, Silver, or Blue.

Many customers like to put their aero hubcaps back on their wheels for road trips to increase range. We sell this great Aero Wheel Hubcap Storage Bag so you can keep them stored in your trunk in case you want to pop them on for increase range. Click HERE for more details.


To see how these install and are easily removed, please watch our video on the above TAB.


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