Model 3 Aluminum Tailgate Applique - approx 30.5" Only $59 with 20% Off

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5
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A real chrome plated aluminum Model 3 Rear Applique'. Not made from flexible plastic urethane, and not a vinyl decal. This is the real deal made from Aluminum.

This is a made from stamped aluminum and is plated in either Chrome, Glossy Black Titanium with brushed texture, & Glossy Black Carbon Fiber Coated.

The first 2 finishes can be ordered in plain or with your choice of free 3M vinyl T-E-S-L-A letters we install for you. These vinyl decals made from 3M 1080 Series. The 3rd option with the glossy carbon Fiber coating has recessed letters stamped into it. No decals needed on this one.

This great item really adds a little TESLA ID to your car like the Model S and X.

Not sure which finish is best for you? If you love chrome, you will want our chrome plated version, if you like the chrome deleted look, choose the Glossy Black Titanium with Brushed texture, or the new Glossy Carbon Fiber Coated version.

Super easy to install, just clean the trunk like, and peel off the double sided tape and stick it on and apply pressure. Use painters tape on the ends to hold while the double side tape is bonding. Keep on for 72 hours before removing the painters tape.


Prices (with 20% Off)

Chrome Plated - $69

Glossy Black Titanium Brushed - $69

Glossy Black & Carbon Fiber Coated - $69


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