Model 3 & Y Cabin Filters & EVAP Cleaning Kit - $39 or $79 HEPA Filter

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5

If you are tired of the neverending moldy mildew smell when you turn on your air conditioning in your Model 3, this is the solution. This kit will kill the bacteria that is hiding inside your ventilation system.


Over the last few months, we had the same problem in our 2018 Model 3. We tried everything, from spraying full cans of disinfectants into our under hood air supply inlet, to changing our cabin filters but nothing got rid of the the mildew smell. It always came back after a few weeks. This is because our Model 3 had bacteria in the A/C system and the system needs to be flushed out or the odor will always return.  


When you buy a Model 3 TESLA tells us how our car does not need an annual service, and that we can wait 2 years or longer before bringing it in for service. This is great with all of the over the air updates, but if you smell a disgusting moldy smell when you turn on your A/C system you normally take it in or call for mobile service.


Tesla will not cover this under our warranty because it does not happen to all Model 3's, and it is considered wear and tear. If you take it to your local service center you will be charged $150 or more. They will be doing exactly what we are offering you to do in this kit. You will get 2 OEM quality cabin replacement cabin filters and a can of foam disinfectant that you spray on your A/C condenser. This kit allows owners to perform the same simple service for less than 1/4 of the price. It is easy to do and we teach you everything.



On the tab above, you will see our installation video where we teach you step by step how to remove your old cabin filters and how to install our 2 new ones after you spray the Kool-It Evaporator Foam Cleaner. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes. All you have to do is remove 2 simple panels and remove and replace 1 screw. You will need a a Torx T20 Screwdriver or socket. These are only $4.99 sold on Amazon in case you don't have one.




1. Our Standard Carbon Cabin Filters are made in Germany like the original ones in your model 3 now. Our filters fit perfect are made to the same standard as Tesla's are. The prefilter is the white side where the largest visible pieces of dirt and dust are trapped, and on the back side is the yellow black Carbon-Plus non-woven fabric. Our filter surpasses the ISO 9237 Permeability Test, as well as the ISO/TS 11155-1 Dust Filtration efficiency test and the dust holding capacity.  

2. Our Upgraded HEPA Filters Meet HEPA standards and last longer and filter incoming cabin air to the highest standard.



$39 for Carbon Filters and EVAP Cleaner

$79 for HEPA Filters and EVAP Cleaner



We chose to use the same foam cleaner as TESLA uses at their service center and with their mobile service. LubeGard's KOOL-IT Evaporator Cleaner. This cleaner eliminates odors, allergens, and contaminants such as bacteria, mold and mildew. It provides a naturally clean fresh scent. See the last photo for their sales brochure.


Please take a moment to watch our Installation video on the tab above to learn more and to see how easily you can install this kit.

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