Current lead time is 1 to 2 Weeks or less.

Model 3 & Y Carbon Fiber Dashboard Replacements- From $499 with 20% Off

Install difficulty: Moderate 2/5

Model 3 & Model Y - Dashboard Replacements

CURRENT LEAD TIME is 1 to 2 weeks.


At RPM TESLA, we manufacture the BEST Carbon Fiber Dashboards money can buy. Ours replace the top section of the dashboards in your Tesla Model 3's or Model Y's.

Our replacement dashboards are made from 100% REAL Molded Carbon fiber, and ours is not a cap and it is not made in China. It's not made from Chinese Pre-preg Carbon Fiber sheets. Ours are made in the USA from Hand Laid Carbon Fiber.

RPM is the only company in the world offering a real dashboard top replacement, and we have sold over 3,000 since 2018. Many other companies sell a cheap thin single layer cap version for more than we sell these for. The caps look cheap as they hand over the front edges and the sides. Many come loose over time, and the delaminate, or even release from the original wood or aluminum top. Not this dashboard ! This is a replacement not a cap or cover or overlay.

The way we sell this is simple. We ship you a new carbon fiber top and we attach it to a brand new dashboard core that we buy from TESLA. When you receive it you just snap it right in place. No tools are required and we teach you how to do this in our installation video.



FINAL PRICING PAID (After Stock Dash is Returned) -Plus $60 Shipping:  

Glossy Carbon Fiber:             $ 499

Matte Carbon Fiber:               $ 525

Pricing is reduced once added to your shopping cart and these prices include our standard 20% off Discount.




GEN. 1: Model 3's Made from 2017 thru 04/2021 & Model Y's Made from March 2020 thru 04/2021

GEN. 2:  Model 3 & Y Made After April 10th 2021




The dashboards in the Model 3 & Model Y's have changed after April 10th 2021. These are called Generation 2 dashboards. The Gen. 2 versions looks identical to Gen. 1, with the exception of the end caps on the drivers side and passenger side. The Gen. 2 versions do not have grey removable end caps. (See Photos Below).  

As of June 20th, we are now we are able to alter the original Gen. 1 versions to fit perfectly regardless if you own a Gen. 1 or Gen. 2 version.

If you order this carbon fiber dashboard replacement for your your Gen. 1 dashboard we just ship it right out, and you install your stock end caps as shown in our installation video. Nothing has changed.  

If you order this for your brand new Model 3 or Y, which will have Gen. 2 if was built after April 10th, 2021, you have the new Gen. 2 dashboard. In this case we will send you 2 free carbon fiber end caps at no charge. This is a LINK to the cap item that we normally sell for $59 a pair. When you get your Gen. 1 replacement dashboard, you simply install it as we show in our installation video, and then you just pop in the 2 side end caps. No tools are required, and again, we will send you a brand new Gen. 1 core that we buy from TESLA, but we just cannot get Gen. 2 cores as of yet.

Here is a new video that explains it in detail.  CLICK HERE


If you want a Gen. 2 replacement dashboard core we have 3 options:

1. You just ship us your Gen. 2 dashboard core and we will rebuild it and ship it back to you with ASAP. Rebuilding means we will remove the wood top or the white top from your stock dashboard, and we replace it with our carbon fiber top piece, again this is not a cap but a replacement piece.   You will only be without a dashboard core for a few days, and your A/C system will still operate, but you will not be able to direct the airflow as accurately as you can now. Once we rebuild yours it will work as good as new of course. You just box it up and take it to FedEx and ship it to us. We will pay the shipping to send it back to you if you live in the contiguous U.S. Only.  

NOTE: As of July 27th, we have received some new cores from TESLA, so if you want your specific dashboard returned to you, please put this note in your order notes, as you may receive a TESLA new Gen. 2 version if you do not specify to only rebuild your dashboard.

2. If you are in Southern California you can just come in and we can rebuild your dashboard in less than 1 hour.

3. We have received limited Gen. 2 versions from TESLA. As of July 10th we have received about 5 Gen. 2 versions and we these brand new ones are now in rotation.  


Please let us know which you prefer after you order. We will contact you if you do not leave us a note in your shopping cart Note Section.


Call us if you have any questions please call our sales department at (949) 988-0750 if you order this item please let us know once you have shipped it to us, so we can get it right back to you ASAP.


The replacement Dashboards are for Left Hand Drive Tesla, email for RHD Dash options.


From the first day the Model 3's started shipping there was a demand to upgrade the dashboards. Many people hate how the wooden dash doesn't match any of the trim in the car, or they dislike the white glare from the side windows.  

These dashboard replacements snap right into the dashboard core and they take less than 15 minutes to install without any tools. They are made from TESLA OEM original dashboards. We simply remove the wood or white aluminum lower part and we attach a a molded carbon fiber piece in glossy or matte finish or with black door-matching Alcantara Suede. We also offer the factory original White Tesla dashboards.

Just select which you want and we ship it out to you. Watch our installation video to see how easy it is to put it in.



We require a refundable core charge deposit of $250 and we will refund this deposit once we get your original undamaged dashboard core returned to us. Once you get your replacement you just put your original one in the box we send you and put the prepaid return label on it and have FedEx pick it up.  

We do not pay the core return shipping for orders in HI, AK, Canada and International orders. The core charge fee is discounted to $250 once it is placed in your shopping cart.  If you want to keep your original dashboard we suggest ordering an extra one from TESLA's parts department for only $175 for a wood one and $225 for a white aluminum one.


Domestic USA Shipping:   Fedex Shipping in the Contiguous U.S. is $60 for this oversized item. We will send you a return label to send back your original core in the same box we ship yours to. you if you live in the Contiguous U.S. You only pay the $60 shipping to get it to you, we pay the return shipping cost in the contiguous U.S.

International Customers:  All customers not living in the contiguous U.S., please email us your address so we can calculate your shipping cost. You also will have to pay the return shipping when you return your original dashboard core.  

Free Installation:   Want it installed for free, just select Pick UP and let us know when you want it installed. We instal it in 5 minutes for free !!


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